About us

Welcome to my website - SweetsOfMyOwn!

Hi, I'm Joanna the creator behind SweetsOfMyOwn. All my Miniatures/Jewellery Pieces are Handmade by me. I create my Miniature Pieces from Polymer Clay ('Fimo Soft' Clay to be exact), Photograph the pieces, List and Package them up.

I am located in Essex in the United Kingdom. I create every piece by hand and I love thinking up new ideas! I have been creating Miniatures/Food Jewellery since 2013 - so 7 years now.

I've always loved arts & crafts! I feel honoured that I can share my work with you.

If you need to contact me please email me at: Joanna@sweetsofmyown.co.uk

Etsy Store: SweetsOfMyOwn.etsy.com

YouTube: Youtube.com/SweetsOfMyOwn

Instagram: Instagram.com/SweetsOfMyOwn

Facebook: Facebook.com/SweetsOfMyOwn

Deviantart: SweetsOfMyOwn.deviantart.com