Custard Slice - Miniature 1:12 Scale

- Here I have created Miniature Custard Slices at 1:12 Scale. The Slices measure between 1.2cm-0.5cm each.

-All items on the plate can either be stuck on the plate by me or not stuck to the plate so you can move the individual Custard Slices around and place where needed. (They will only be stuck if requested after you order)

You have a few options to choose from: (Quantity)
x1 Custard Slice on a small plate
x3 Custard Slices on the long dish.

Custard Slice Style:
Chocolate and Vanilla - The Custard Slice with the full brown coating and the white striped pattern on top.
Vanilla and Chocolate - The Custard Slice with the full white coating with the brown striped pattern on top.
Vanilla and Strawberry - The Custard Slice with the full white coating with the pink striped pattern on top.
Mixed - One of each Custard Slice (if you selected x3 Custard Slices) or One Random Custard Slice (if you selected x1 Custard Slice)

I can customise the topping if you have a specific colour request then please send me a convo.

- A great item to add to your collection! A perfect gift for owners of Doll Houses and Miniatures.

-These Miniature Custard Slices will be carefully packaged to make sure they will be in the same condition as they are here. They will be sent in bubble wrap and in a padded envelope. I do my best to create the most realistic food possible. Please check out my other hand made items! :)

-Fast dispatch! My dispatch time is 1-3 days.

Please note: as cute and yummy as my items may look, they are not edible.

I am happy to answer any questions. Thank you for looking.

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